Constellation Range

Mermaid Modern Constellation range of Shower Panels supplied by TileDealer.

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Modern Constellation Shower Panels

This crisp colour combination will compliment and refresh the feel of any bathroom. Enriched with subtle grey undertones and reflective natural materials which provides a modern edge to this clean design. Mermaids Modern range is designed to enliven even the most standard of bathrooms. Using modern technical designs and materials, such as concrete, your bathroom can be brought straight into the twenty first century.

The waterproof wall panel concept was developed in Scandinavia and Mermaid is now renowned as the UK's market leader in this sector. Its panels have been tested by the Norwegian Building Research Institute and awarded NBI Technical Approval No 2294 for use in wet areas. In addition to being attractive and easy to maintain, they also offer many other advantages to the installer and consumers alike.

Mermaid panels are made of 9mm water-resistant WBP plywood. This is bonded with a decorative high pressure laminate which results in a 100% waterproof surface. There is also a balancer laminate to the reverse.