Warmfloor Solutions

Warmfloor Solutions
Minimat under tile heating at Tiledealer for lowest prices

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MiniMat is designed and manufactured to enable a complete heated floor to be installed within a minimal thickness dimension. The ultra-thin heat mat (3mm approx.) may be embedded within the tile fixing cement. This may be a critical factor for rooms with low ceilings.The mats are all 500mm wide and available in various lengths. MiniMat heaters are "ready-to-use" products which makes the installation a very simple process. The mats, which may be cut by the installer to match exact floor coverage requirements, are simply positioned on the floor in your room prior to the application of tile fixing cement, after which, your tiles may be laid using traditional methods. Virtually any shape or area can be heated using the MiniMat heating systems. MiniMat is the ideal solution for floor heating requirements in the following circumstances:
  • Rooms with low ceilings
  • Rooms having a small surface area
  • Where you wish to install underfloor heating to an existing floor
  • Where the installation needs to be quick and simple