Norcros Adhesives 2 Part Levelling Compound
Levelling Range
Norcros 2-Part Levelling Compound is a 2-part part self -smoothing floor underlayment. It is suitable for use from feather edge to 10mm in one application without the need for additional granite chippings. The product is suitable for levelling a variety of substrates including concrete, screed, flooring grade asphalt, terrazzo and existing quarry and vinyl tiles. It is ideal for use with under-tile heating mats where it may be used to cover the wired elements, providing a level substrate to tile to and also protecting the heating elements during the fixing process. The product is also suitable for use on timber floors which must be overlaid with a minimum 15-18mm thick WBP or Marine grade plywood screw fixed at maximum 300mm centres to both joists and existing boards. The plywood should be primed with neat Norcros Prime Bond which should be allowed to dry prior to application of the levelling compound. It is essential to ensure that the floor is sufficiently rigid and deflection free to support the additional weight of tiling before commencing. The excellent levelling and flow properties of the product make it ideal for preparing sub floors prior to fixing ceramic or natural stone tiles or soft floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl and timber. It has a setting time of 3 hours at 20oC permitting early foot traffic. Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles may be fixed after 3 hours. Soft floor coverings may be fixed after 12 hours and Natural Stone after 48 hours.

Norcros Adhesives 2 Part Levelling Compound

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