Norcros Adhesives Pro Board 600 6mm
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Norcros Pro Board 600 and 1000 are high performance 6mm and 10mm thick construction/tile backer boards, manufactured from high density polystyrene. The rigid insulation core is coated with a specially formulated reinforced cementitious coating that provides a hard wearing robust waterproof surface perfect for the application of tiles/plaster and synthetic render. The foam core has excellent thermal insulation properties and also provides high compressive strength with very low weight. The cement coating enhances the fire resistant properties of the boards and creates a tile ready surface. The cement-based coating also gives the board excellent impact resistance, ensuring that the boards stand up to the rigour of the site environment.

Norcros Pro Board is suitable for use on both internal and external walls and floors.. It ‘s thermal efficiency ensuring that heat is not lost to the substrate below. It’s rigidity and stability mean that a 10mm board is sufficient to replace the more conventional 15-18mm thick plywood required as per BS 5385-3:2007 to overlay timber floors prior to tiling. The board is waterproof and therefore suitable for use in showers, steam rooms, pools and spas. The 10mm board will support a maximum weight limit of 85kg/m2 when used on walls.


Norcros Adhesives Pro Board 600 6mm

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