Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles

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Natural Stone Tiles Collection

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The beauty and sheer versatility of 
natural stone – from marble to slate, 
limestone to granite – has been admired for many thousands of years.

There are three kinds of rock types:
Igneous – solidified magma or lava formed 
after volcanic activity.  Extremely hard.  
Examples: granite, basalt.
Sedimentary – weathering of existing rocks 
produced sediment which settled in layers and 
gradually ‘lithified’ (turned to stone) by compaction 
and cementation.  Examples: limestone, travertine. 
Metamorphic – Metamorphism is the 
transformation of one rock type into another, 
brought about by heat, pressure or chemically 
active fluids.  Examples: Marble (originally 
limestone or dolostone), slate (previously 
sedimentary shale or mudstone) 
Textures and finishes:
Brushed – the stone’s surface is brushed with 
rotary diamond pads, resulting in a textured 
finish to the surface and rounded edges.
Cushioned, pillowed – where the straight 
edges of a tile have been rounded and 
Filled – where voids, pits and holes (a natural 
characteristic of some stone) have been filled 
with a resin to create a smooth surface.  
Honed – a machine process which results in a 
smooth, matt surface.
Lightly polished – the surface is polished to a 
softly reflective sheen rather than a high gloss.
Polished – where the surface is buffed by 
machine, resulting in an even, smooth and 
highly reflective surface.
Tumbled – the surfaces of the stone have been 
textured, worn and weathered by contact with 
abrasive materials.
Unfilled – where the pits and voids within 
travertine tiles have not been filled.  These can 
be grout-filled during installation