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TileDealer Has many years dealing with the trade and contract tile market.So over the years we have met our fair share of the Good tilers,the bad tilers and the down right awful tilers.

Before you finalise your tile order at the TileDealer website,make sure you know exactly how many tiles you need.Speak to your tiler and make sure the laying pattern you have decided on.

Tiles can be fiyted not only square on, they can be fitted diagonally,brick bond and offset.
Check you have the right quantities Allow 10% of the quantity of tiles for wastage and cutting.Don't worry 
Here are a few brief recommendations that offer more advice.Please consult your fitter before ordering. 

The following offers general guidance to some common types of building board and the maximum recommended weights for tiling:

Gypsum plaster - 20kg/M2
Gypsum plasterboard direct (without a plaster skim) - 32kg/M2
Plywood (WBP) - up to 30kg/M2
Lightweight tilebacker boards - Up to 40kg/M2, (Dependant upon the type and thickness of the board).
Glass reinforced cement sheets - Up to 50kg/M2, (Dependant upon the type and thickness of the board).
Gypsum fibre boards - Approximately 35-40kg/M2

Tanking is highly recommended in a wet room even if the wet room has been constructed with water-proof tile backer boards (screw holes and joints in the boards will leak!).

Applying a tanking system in intermittenly wet areas such as showers, over the bath tub and basin is a really good idea, without it if water comes into contact with plasterboard, joists or concrete over time you will experience problems that you will not appreciate, costing you a lot of money in damage and repairs.
Tanking therefore in our professional opinion is essential

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