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Under Tile Heating


Energy efficiency

Thanks to modern manufacturing and development, under tile heating is now an everyday reality for most tiling projects.
It's not only easy to install and maintain, but also surprisingly cost effective as well. Putting up with cold bathroom or kitchen floors early on a cold winter's morning can now be a thing of the past. Under floor tile heating is a mat of electrical wires which warm up the tiles and gradually radiates to the walls and throughout the whole room. So as well as keeping your feet warm, you'll also be providing luxurious ambient warmth to every corner of the room. Because under tile electric heating doesn't use a forced air system, it is ideal for people suffering from respiratory or asthmatic problems. In addition to this, wet floor areas dry quicker making them safer and cleaner.

Under Tile Floor Heating

Installing our Warmup® under tile floor heating is relatively simple, as its wafer thin and flexible; this means that floor levels are minimally affected, while tight corners and obstacles can easily be worked around. Simply prepare the floor area to be tiled with our under floor tile, insulation board from warmfloor solutions® which will insulate and distribute the heat more evenly while preventing 30% downward heat loss. After that, lay out the under tile electric heating mat ensuring you have no creases or folds etc. Once this is done, you can go ahead and start laying your tiles as you would normally. In fact, most bathroom installations only take a few hours. For the best long lasting and low maintenance results, always use quality tile adhesives & grouts from Granfix.

Under Tile Floor Heating

The energy efficiency of under tile electric heating is quite remarkable when compared to traditional radiator or forced air systems. The warmth generated from the heated floor radiates evenly throughout the room in such a way that very few kilowatts are needed to maintain this warmth. The use of an insulation board ensures the heat generated from the heating mat travels upward into the floor which speeds warm up time and therefore saves you money. So now that you know there is a an economical safe and easy to install method of warming all your tiled floor areas, please browse our under tile heating section and choose the heating kit that best suits your needs then simply purchase it directly online and we'll deliver it to you anywhere in the UK, or if you would like to learn more, call us now on our free call number: 0800 195 6620

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